Barrier Analysis and Action Planning Workshops

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sports and Pathfinder International, MPPR convenes Family Planning and Adolescent & Youth Sexual Reproductive Health Workshops to raise awareness about best practices in family planning and to identify bottlenecks in service delivery and strategies to overcome them. During 2014-18, seven such events were held in Naypyitaw (July 2014), Southern Shan (May 2015), Northern Shan (March 2016), Kayin States (November 2016), Bago East (november 2017), Bago West (December 2017), and Southern Shan (April 2018).

success story

Community Members Help Identify Realities of Adolescent Pregnancies

MPPR supported two townships in Southern Shan with action planning and costing for Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (AYSRHR) in June 2018. Prior to the workshops, active community participations were solicited identifying priority issues from their perspectives. Youths, parents, village and business leaders, teachers, members of parliament, administrative officials and service providers all participated in the process.

During a discussion among community members and the township health department, it came to an attention of the participants that their township Adolescent Fertility Rate (AFR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) were significantly lower than country averages. Upon further examination, it was discovered that a different calculation method was used to arrive at the numbers which made the township's numbers look much less than they actually were. Upon correction, the rates turned out to be almost 10 times higher than previously thought.

One of these townships was Pindaya. Using these data, the Township Medical Officer was able to explain to the community that Adolescent Fertility Rate was gradually rising high compared to previous years. Together, through discussions, the health team and the community members identified some reasons for this rise including the lack of knowledge and awareness of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Family Planning in the community, as well as the custom of arranging marriages for children as young as age 14. The discussions pointed to the fact that a large proportion of children dropped out of school after primary education due to these reasons. The community acknowledged the need for interventions, and developed action plans including the establishment of a committee to combat the issue. MPPR's leadership in township action planning with community engagement made it possible for Pindaya Township to take proactive and positive actions against teenage pregnancies and protect the rights of girls and boys to live their lives to their full potentials.