Reaching Young People 2: Awareness Raising and Edutainment in Communities

Working closely with township health teams, MPPR in collaboration with Pathfinder International pilots youth edutainment activities organized by young Auxiliary Midwives to increase awareness of FP and young people's access to services in villages. Youth enjoy traditional dancing, singing, sport tournaments and other activities of their choice while being exposed to SRH education messages and FP methods. Throughout 2016-17 activities, over 400 youths in Pinlaung Township in Southern Shan State have received SRH education.

We are very interested in. But we are shy. We never had a chance to talk about sex and sexual heal in public until now.

Youth Participated in Edutainment Session

success story

Community Dialogues Makes Teachers Encouraged

MPPR's active engagement of people in communities often provide them with eye-opening experiences. In a teacher's meeting for Adolescent and Youths Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (AYSRHR) township action planning, one middle school teacher, Daw San San Oo, found a courage to overcome shyness and speak about AYSRHR.

I did not know how important this was before. I feel I want to know more about this after listening to MPPR. I now realize that sexual education in school is very important. The principal assigned me to teach life-skill curriculum. Before coming here today, I was trying to handover this duty to someone else. Actually, I was too shy to teach students about sexual health, and thinking that it would be ok not to teach it. But today's meeting was an eye opener for me. It was well worth for me to come and understand the need for sexual education. I am staying in a hostel together with female students, and sometimes they do ask me about it. Now I understand how important it is to teach it well to them.

Following her participation in community score card prioritization, she continues to be active in her school as a champion of AYSRHR.