Fifteen million adolescents and youth do not have access to sexual and reproductive health information and services in Myanmar.

We are working to change this.

What We Do

MPPR engages in research, advocacy, project development and implementation that are designed to improve the lives of the vulnerable. We work to improve access to and the quality of public services for those who are less privileged. Whether sexual and reproductive health services for young people, family planning and maternal care for women, or residential care for children, MPPR strives for positive social change bringing the voices of people on the ground in communities to decision making processes. There is a name and a face associated with all of our work.

To meet the goal of MPPR, we are conducting

  1. Evidence for Action: Research and Evaluation
  2. Identifying Strategies: Barrier Analysis and Action Planning Workshops
  3. Advocacy: Raising Awareness and Ensuring Commitments
  4. Training: Health System Strengthening & Service Delivery Skills
  5. Reaching Young People 1: Supporting Youth Volunteers in Villages
  6. Reaching Young People 2: Awareness Raising and Edutainment in Communities
  7. Township Action Planning and Costing: Community Engagement and Accountability
  8. Awareness Raising: World Contraceptive Day March with Pyay Youth Center