What We Do

MPPR strives for positive social change promoting gender equality, ending violence, improving access to health and social services for women and young people.  

MPPR implements a range of activities that are essential in the project cycle - research, program development, advocacy, implementation & monitoring, and evaluation & analysis.

We amplify the voices of the community. We listen and develop projects that meet their needs and implement the activities together with the locals.  

MPPR uses evidence from the community to guide activities. We identify barriers faced by women, youth, and community members, and address obstacles with village committees and volunteers.

We conduct advocacy for positive change. We ensure that influencers in the community and the government understand the importance of our activities and buy in the fundamental principle of equality and participation.

There is a name and a face associated with all of our work.

MPPR’s programs focus on women, girls and young people, and aim to improve their lives through the following actions.

  1. Evidence for Action: Research and Evaluation
    • KAP surveys
    • Implementation research
    • Baseline/End-line assessment
    • Facility assessment
    • Program evaluation
  2. Program Development
    • Community dialogues for social change
    • Integration of gender/violence/SRHR
    • Youth and community champion development
    • Whole community engagement for social norm change
    • AYSRH Model Township
    • System barrier analysis and action planning
  3. Advocacy
    • Central policy development
    • State/Regional policy dissemination
    • Township planning and implementation
    • Community awareness raising
  4. Training
    • Community dialogue for champions
    • Integrated Covid-19/Gender/Violence/AYSRHR info sessions for champions
    • AYH Checklist
    • Score Cards
    • FP methods
  5. Implementation
    • Community Champion Development
      • Youth, parents, teacher, community leader champions
      • Peer dialogue sessions
    • Community Engagement for Social Change
      • Township and village committees
      • Private sector engagement
      • Innovation for youth feedback system
    • CBO/CSO Capacity Development
      • Training
      • Consortium development
      • Fund raising
    • Health System Strengthening
      • AYSRHR village teams
      • Team support system with online applications
      • Private sector engagement
      • Barrier analysis and township action planning
  6. Covid Responses
    • Innovation in implementation with the use of technology
    • Integrated Training Covid-19/GBV/ Gender/ AYSRHR
    • Dignity Kits production and distributions